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Custom Wrist Wraps Manufacturer and Supplier:

Are you looking for custom made wrist wraps in bulk quantity? 

We are the manufacturer of wrist wraps, including powerlifting wrist wraps, Olympic weightlifting wrist wraps, and general fitness wrist wraps.

Our designers and manufacturers use the latest materials and techniques to create durable, comfortable wrist wraps. 

The custom powerlifting wrist wraps are made with 50% cotton, 40% Elastic, and 10% Polyester. 

They feature a thumb loop and 2″ wide Strong, and good quality hook and loop closure Velcro.

Wrist wraps are 18″ long and 3″ wide, providing good wrist support during powerlifting, Crossfit, and other high-intensity workouts.

Benefits of Custom Wrist Wraps:

These personalized wrist wraps provide wrist support and stability for weightlifters.

We manufacture private label wrist wraps perfect for various activities. 

In addition, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality wraps for the retail business.

GIBBEN FITNESS is your one-stop manufacturer for all your wrist wrap needs.